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John & Clara H. (Bauman) Blake September 29, 1885 Renters Agreement with James Low III


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September 29, 1885 Renters Agreement between

John Bruce and Clara H. (Bauman) Blake


James Low III

of Newburg, Pike County, Illinois.

James8 added to his income by renting out houses that he owned and also, occasionally, renting out rooms in his own home. James8 mentions a few of his tenants in his journals.

John & Clarie Blake, who began renting from James8 on September 29, 1885, deserve special mention. Theirs is the only landlord/boarder contract Footnote still in existence between James8 and a renter. Also worthy of note: John Bruce Blake and his wife, Clara H. (Bauman), were the son and daughter-in-law of Tyre Blake, the husband of James’ sister-in-law, Jane (Huston). James8 records in his journals that John & Clarie Blakemoved away Nov 11 AD 1885.” A descendant of Tyre Blake’s has indicated that many of the Tyre’s children eventually settled in Missouri.

These documents were found in a trunk of James8 Low III and transcribed as written by his great-great grandson, Bingham James Forrest12 Lowe. Punctuation and spelling errors have not been corrected.

10th generation: Frank, Forrest, Lenna, Arthur, Edward, Paul, Leland, Charles Doss, Pearl, Henry, James, George

Bingham James9 Low(e)   Aug 27, 1853 - Feb 10, 1923           (w: Mary D. Culver)                        of Newburg, Pike County, Illinois

James8 Low III                  Apr 27-1816 - Sep 2, 1889               (w: Margaret Huston Montgomery) of Clinton & Brighton, Maine / Newburg, Illinois

James7 Low Jr                   1796 - Mar 20, 1824                        (w: Mary Wyman)                           of Clinton, Maine (fought in War of 1812)

James6 Low Sr                   Jul 17, 1770 - bef 1830                    (w: Elizabeth "Betsy" Chase)           of Boxford, Massachusetts / Clinton, Maine

Nathan5 Low                     Oct 1, 1742 - Jul 24, 1804                (w: Lucy Lord)                                 of Ipswich & Boxford, Massachusetts

Caleb4 Low                        1707 - Jul 17, 1777                          (w: Abigail Varney)                         of Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

David3 Low                       Aug 14, 1667 - Jun 2, 1746              (w: Mary Lamb)                               of Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

Thomas2 Low                    May 8, 1631 - Apr 12, 1712             (w: Martha Boreman)        of Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England / Ipswich, MA

Thomas1 Low                    1605 - Sep 8, 1677                           (w: Margaret Todd)           of Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England / Ipswich, MA

Giles0 Low          unknown (Wife: Syseley Wall, marr 3/5/1601/02)     of Brancepeth, Durham, England; Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England



Newburg Township, Pike County, IL

September 29, 1885

Article of agreement between James Low Sr of the first part and John and Clarie Blake of the second part. This Article of Agreement is to show our bargain where as John and Clarie Blake has moved into my house this day and is to have the use of as much room as we all may need in the house and cellar. I, James Low, Sr, do agree to furnish one third of the provisions that we will use in the house and I, said J. Low, will furnish timber for wood and team to haul the wood and John Blake do agree to chop and haul the wood and prepare the same for the stoves and Clarie, his wife, is to do my cooking and washing free from charge for the use of team to haul the wood timber and house room. John also is to tend to my stock and things when I am away or sick free of charge. Where as it is agreed that I, James Low, Sr, will not make any charge for house rent or timber or team to haul the wood and John or Clarie Blake is to make no charges for cooking or washing or getting wood or tending to my stock or things. This may certify that when ever John and Clarie is not satisfied we will dissolve in peace. [signed] James Low, Sr

            Provisions furnished by John and Clarie Blake and they both agree to let what provisions they have on hand namely potatoes, crout, and cabbage can fruit, and tea, coffee and against my molasses, apples, green and dried beans, can fruit, tea, coffee, etc. [signed] John and Clarie Blake


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© 1999 by Bingham James Forrest Lowe [g.g.grandson of James Low(e)]

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November 17th, 2010 marks the 374th anniversary of the Low(e) Family in America.