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Dewitt C. Burton January 1, 1882 letter to James Low III


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January 1, 1882 Letter from

Dewitt C. Burton of

Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois

to James8 Low III

of Newburg Township, Pike County, Illinois.

The letter was found in the trunk of James8 Low III and transcribed Dec 1997 by his great-great grandson, Bingham James Forrest12 Lowe of Phoenix, Arizona. 

 James8 was continually saving family and friends from various forms of financial distress. The following letter from Dewitt Burton is typical of the many people who wrote to James8 for help:

William Thomas9 Low      April 24, 1846, Newburg Township, Pike County, Illinois - August 12, 1863, Vicksburg, Mississippi

James8 Low III                  Apr 27-1816 - Sep 2, 1889               (wife: Margaret Huston Montgomery) of Clinton & Brighton, ME / Pittsfield, IL

James7 Low Jr                   1796 - Mar 20, 1824                        (wife: Mary Wyman)                       of Clinton, ME (fought in War of 1812)

James6 Low Sr                   Jul 17, 1770 - bef 1830                    (wife: Elizabeth "Betsy" Chase)      of Boxford, MA / Clinton, Maine

Nathan5 Low                     Oct 1, 1742 - Jul 24, 1804                (wife: Lucy Lord)                            of Ipswich & Boxford, Massachusetts

Caleb4 Low                        1707 - Jul 17, 1777                          (wife: Abigail Varney)                     of Ipswich, Massachusetts

David3 Low                       Aug 14, 1667 - Jun 2, 1746              (wife: Mary Lamb)                          of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Thomas2 Low                    May 8, 1631 - Apr 12, 1712             (wife: Martha Boreman)    of Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England / Ipswich, MA

Thomas1 Low                    1605 - Sep 8, 1677                           (wife: Margaret Todd)       of Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England / Ipswich, MA

Giles0 Low          unknown (Wife: Syseley Wall, marr 3/5/1601/02)     of Brancepeth, Durham, England; Groton & Boxford, Suffolk, England

Bushnell Jan 1st, 1882 eraseme.jpg

Mr. James Lowe

Dear old friend I sai - my self this Beautiful lords Day and the commencement of another year. Brother Lowe it is with a sad heart - I am forced to Write you this short epistle. I will tell you the facts in the case. I moved with my little family to this place to make an honest living. I got a job in the pump shop painting pumps but alas my health is failing me so fast I am forced to quit and seek employment some where else and there is a Business here I can go into whitch I can make money at it is a?agent? burton,dewittc.,1882,jan1stlettertojameslowiii-transcript.gif for a marble shop. but it seems that God has not blessed me with means to go right to work and now I write you this letter to see if you would be so kind as to help me a little. if you would be so kind as to lend me 15 dollars for a short time for it will take about this much to start me in this business now remember I don’t ask you to give me this money, but only to lend it to me for a short time say 3 months with interest for I will pay evry Dollar of it back for God knowes I am Honest and I am going to live honest if I have to starve for almost the last Words I ever heard come from the lips of my Poor old sainted father was..he says live honest if you always live Poor. and I intend to do this. for I would not give up my chance of meeting him in heaven and my chance of living when this life is ovr no no I would not miss Heavin and immortal Glory for all the riches this Poor little ? burton,dewittc.,1882,jan1stlettertojameslowiii-transcript1.gif ?? world afford. and remember my Dear old Brother if you acomidate me with this one favor that you cause two hearts to Bound with joy unspeakbly and full of glory. But I want you to remember to, aged Brother, if you cant favor me with the accomidation you cause no offence what ever. for I know you would if you could. so I will close this Short letter by asking you to Write soon. I would like to hear from you this week as the man will expect answer this week. Hoping and Praying that this new year may Bring to you health and success wishing you a happy new year I remain your loving child and Brother in Christ

Dewitt C. Burton


Direct to Bushnell Illinois


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